Beet Streets Fort Collins Colorado Art in Public Places collaboration by Fort Collins, Colorado Artist Lisa Cameron Russell & Tim Upham, Rick Upham, Lisa J Cameron Artworks LLC

Beet Streets

Beet Streets

City of Fort Collins, CO. Art in Public Places

My second art in Public Places project created together with Tim & Rick Upham and the streets facility team, we devloped a sculpture that speaks to the purpose of the streets department and the hisotry of the site.

A large, arching, stainless steel map is a replica of the city streets circa 2000 used by the streets facility crews and is the backdrop for seating. A contrasting rustic steel map circa 1900 pinpointing the project site location with a  bright brass star.

Combining both maps reveal the growth impact on the city from the sugar beet factory, now the home of street maintenance facility.

The bench invites viewers to relax and take ownership of the project and site location while appreciating the art and the facilites history.

Stainless steel, steel, sandstone, brass, glass
14’ H x 12’ W x 5’ D