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Live Painting Demonstration for the Denver Art Museum and 6 Hometown Toyota Stores

Denver Art Museum Toyota Stores Lisa Cameron Russell, Lisa J Cameron, Free First Saturday DAMUntitled Final Friday

Painting a Toyota Camry live July 8th and 11th at the Denver Art Museum with a floral motif to highlight the current exhibition IN BLOOM.

Spotlight on Denver Art Museum Corporate Sponsor: Your Hometown Toyota Stores & Free First Saturday

The museum’s new partnership with 6 Hometown #Toyota Stores helps support the museum’s popular #FreeFirstSaturday and #DAMUntitled Final Fridays, as well as helps with expanded school outreach. The announcement is celebrated today with artists live painting Toyota vehicles on Martin Plaza. Join us on July 11 for Free First Saturday to celebrate the new alliance, more live car painting, chance to win prizes and more… Mountain States Toyota Groove Toyota Scion Stevinson Toyota West and Scion Stevinson Toyota East and Scion Larry H. Miller Toyota BoulderAutoNation Toyota Scion Arapahoe — at Denver Art Museum.

Thanks to the support of Your Hometown Toyota Stores, the DAM is able to leverage Free First Saturdays to continue its role as a pioneer in education programs that encourage individuals and their families to interact with the museum's collections in innovative and meaningful ways. The museum's programs on Free First Saturdays reflect our commitment to connecting people to art in ways that are personally relevant, enjoyable, and memorable. Your Hometown Toyota Stores share this commitment.


Contemporary Colorado - A Survey of Contemporary Art in Colorado

Contemporary Colorado, inaugural exhibition, Curfman Gallery, 30 Colorado’s top artists, Lisa Cameron Russell, exhibition  juried by MCA Denver Nora Burnett Abrams, Lisa Cameron Russell

Contemporary Colorado

A Survey of Contemporary Art in Colorado

Juried by Nora Burnett Abrams, Associate Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

Contemporary Colorado is the inaugural exhibition in the new Curfman Gallery. Boasting 50 works over 30 of Colorado’s top artists, this exhibition was juried by the MCA Denver’s Nora Burnett Abrams.


Sustainable Gardens - Art in Action

Dedication to the City, Mayor Karen Weitkunat, Executive  Director Matt Robenalt Sustainable Gardens Art in Action Fort Collins Colorado Public Art Downtown Development Authority Colorado Artist Lisa Cameron Russell Lisa J Cameron Artworks LLC
August 4, 2009
Painting takes Old Town spotlight

A Fort Collins artist chosen for a new "Art in Action" program in Old Town Square has begun work on her project, five steel panels painted with wildflowers and pine cones. Lisa Cameron officially began working on the north end of the square Monday, setting up the panels and her paints, and then filling in some of the solid background colors. Cameron paints in a "drip" style, first painting with large blocks of colors and then drizzling paint over that to create images. One side of each of the panels she's painting will show wildflowers, and the other sides will bear pinecones. When viewed from an angle, the panels merge to form one larger image.

Downtown businesses are funding Cameron's project through the Downtown Development Authority property tax. Once complete, the panels will be installed within the DDA boundaries and a new artist commissioned for next year, DDA project planner Anne Aspen said. On Monday, Cameron's work quickly drew curious onlookers, which is exactly what the DDA was hoping.

"I think it's a great idea," said Cathy Stewart, a Vermonter visiting family in Fort Collins, as she and her daughter watched Cameron's progress. Stewart said the art project is just another reason why she and her daughter, Amy Hammond, 16, were enjoying Old Town so much, in addition to the mix of shops and friendly people. "I'm really curious to see where she's going to go with it," Stewart said. "We'll have to come back down in a couple of days."

Cameron said she's done other public art projects before but none for so long or in such a highly visible location.

Aspen said the DDA is considering whether to relocate Cameron to the south end of the square, where the Transcends statue currently sits. The statue is being moved but likely not for another month. The DDA said it wants to move the statue to make room for future Art in Action projects, although Transcend was intended to be a permanent installation.

Cameron will paint during varied hours over the next month to let morning, afternoon, evening and weekend shoppers have the opportunity to see her work live. - article


Centennial Village Art Fence Dedication

Go West, Centennial Village Museum, Greeley Colorado Public Art, Art Mural Fence by Fort Collins, Colorado Artist Lisa Cameron Russell of Lisa J Cameron Artworks LLC

Drei Nationen Garten

Drei Nationen Garten - 2008 International Invitational Open-Air Symposium Weil am Rhein Germany Lisa J Cameron Artworks LLC, Lisa Cameron Russell

Drei Nationen Garten - 2008
International Invitational Open-Air Symposium Weil am Rhein Germany
2nd place to Urse-P. Twellmann

I created the artwork on location during the International Invitational Open-Air Symposium Weil am Rhein Germany. Painting on board constructed canvas, I interpreted images of local butterfly bush flowers and Queen Anne’s Lace. Festival attendees watched the building of all art projects during the week long event. It was fun to watch patrons learn how to view the painting. They would step back and see it come into focus and smile.


Coloradoan - New West Fest - Creative Garden - Painting Demonstration

New West Fest Art Demonstration, Lisa Cameron Russell, Lisa J Cameron Artworks LLC, Beet Streets, Creative Garden

Art and music collide at festival



Artists Work Matures High Above the City Lights

North Forty News, Life in the Country, August 2008, artist work matures, Lisa Cameron Russell, Libby James

North Forty News - Aug 2008

Artists Work Matures High Above the City Lights

Photo and Story by Libby James


Meet Colorado Artist Lisa Cameron - re:BEET

Audio interview with Lisa as featured in re:BEET e-news for the week of 03-10-10


Denver La Strada Fest

The Denver Post, La Strada dell' arte, chalk Italian Street Festival, Lisa Huff, Lisa Cameron Russell, Kathryn Scott Osler

Chalk One Up For Art
Artist Lisa Cameron of Fort Collins uses pastel chalks Saturday to create 'Mother and Teresa' on the street in Larimer Square. La Strada dell' Arte, Denver's first Italian street painting festival, features artists using chalk to create images on the pavement. The event is free and continues today from 10am-6pm.